M.A. Manufacturing Ltd. specializes in importing, marketing and distributing
cleaning and hygienic products for the home and office.

From Shiny’s brilliant solutions to the ground (and not bank) breaking Focus, all the way down to series developed for retailers private labels.

Their products are an integral part of the Israeli consumer culture for years, making everyone’s lives pleasant, simple and clean.

M.A.de for Quality

M.A. Manufacturing was established in 1981 by Mr. Benny Cohen and is continuing to fulfill their founder’s vision who declared the company’s main goal: “To provide the Israeli market with quality products at fair prices”.

For over three decades, M.A. Manufacturing has been standing at the front line with their leading brands, offering a comprehensive selection of products which stand out on the shelves of retailers both large and small, regional and national.

In parallel to their activity, M.A. Manufacturing also distributes products designated for the professional and institutional markets – from offices to factories, through restaurants, hotels, schools, organizations and more.

For over 20 years, and in addition to importing worldwide products (from Europe, Asia, South America and others), M.A. Manufacturing has also been the sole distributor of ‘Noam Urim’, one of the largest and most advanced factories in the Middle East producing wipes and textiles (certified by the ISO 9001 standard).

At the root of all this success lie the four values which guide the company’s activity and lead their growth. These are: professionalism, innovation, excellence and service.

Professionalism – Three Fundamentals for Success

M.A. Manufacturing professionalism is based initially upon their apt capabilities in managing and operating three main branches of activity: importing, marketing and distribution.

Their vast experience in each, and combined, allows for airtight synchronization and maximum control in the services and solutions which they offer their clients, in all aspects of quality and logistics.

Innovation – in Quality and Products

Listening to the market’s needs, identifying future trends and investing in R&D are all an integral part of the company’s routine activity.

This approach, which has proven itself time and again, allows M.A. Manufacturing to stand at the frontline of innovation, and in many cases be the first to offer the Israeli consumer new and innovative products, always of course at fair prices.

Excellence – Down to the Finest Detail

As a company with a reputation for answering the retail and institutional markets needs for years, excellence is a constant aspiration, and the marker for which M.A. Manufacturing evaluate their performance in all fields.

From development to delivery, order to supply, efficiency and reliability, each one of these elements are monitored and handled down to the last detail.
That is what makes the big difference.

Service – by Any Means to Anywhere

M.A. Manufacturing marketing and distribution array allow them to supply their clients with service and availability at the highest level. As a veteran supplier to all retailers, their logistic abilities are based on a deep knowledge of their client’s coordination and supply procedures, allowing them to fulfill demands of efficiency, availability and reliability.

The company’s fleet of trucks, working nationwide from North to South, supply their products every day, ready and able to reach any mark on the map.

M.A. Manufacturing supplies a customer service desk for private consumers, ready to take calls regarding any matter. Contact at: office@maltd.co.il